After my startling findings using AppFabric cache and tweeting about it, I’ve been called to the mat by none other than two SQL stalwarts, Buck Woody (@buckwoody) and Steve Jones (@way0utwest). Apparently they require proof-of-life for such claims and I’ve been debating on how best to present it. I could

1) Write a blog post about it
2) Write an article about it
3) Create a presentation

The fact is, there is just way too much information to make a single blog post about it. I would have to break it up into multiple parts and I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Similarly, for an article, I still feel as though I’d be leaving information out. I have to give the back-story as to the problem we are trying to solve. While it can be done, I feel as though I would spend as much time writing about the problem as I would at what I did to solve it. AppFabric Cache should be the star.

I’ve decided that making a presentation for the AppDev Virtual Chapter at PASS would be the best route. This way I can spend a few slides on how things work today using diagrams and pretty pictures, and then delve into the meat and potatoes of how I used AppFabric Cache to do the work of 60+ servers on one laptop.

Now the fun part is going to be de-classifying the information and make it generic enough for public consumption.

Alternatively I suppose I could make everyone wear a pair of these censor glasses…