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Wishing I was at TechEd 2010


Quite a few of my SQL cohorts are milling around NOLA this week learning all sorts of things. Some of them might even be work related. And what can I say, I’m jealous. I’ve heard rumors that there is a nightly trololo choir on Bourbon Street similar to the SpectroMagic parade at Walt Disney World, complete with fiber optic lights and kilts. I suppose we’ll have to convene a trololo committee with Brent Ozar (@BrentO) leading it in order to organize that for November’s PASS conference.

In related news, I’m glad to hear that Tom LaRock (@SQLRockstar) has come out of the closet and told us where he will be hanging up his chaps. I’m happy to report that Tom has landed with Confio, makers of Ignite. He is an awesome addition to any company, but I do hope they have enough bacon on hand to keep him satisfied.

Need to build a presentation for PASS AppDev VC


After my startling findings using AppFabric cache and tweeting about it, I’ve been called to the mat by none other than two SQL stalwarts, Buck Woody (@buckwoody) and Steve Jones (@way0utwest). Apparently they require proof-of-life for such claims and I’ve been debating on how best to present it. I could

1) Write a blog post about it
2) Write an article about it
3) Create a presentation

The fact is, there is just way too much information to make a single blog post about it. I would have to break it up into multiple parts and I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Similarly, for an article, I still feel as though I’d be leaving information out. I have to give the back-story as to the problem we are trying to solve. While it can be done, I feel as though I would spend as much time writing about the problem as I would at what I did to solve it. AppFabric Cache should be the star.

I’ve decided that making a presentation for the AppDev Virtual Chapter at PASS would be the best route. This way I can spend a few slides on how things work today using diagrams and pretty pictures, and then delve into the meat and potatoes of how I used AppFabric Cache to do the work of 60+ servers on one laptop.

Now the fun part is going to be de-classifying the information and make it generic enough for public consumption.

Alternatively I suppose I could make everyone wear a pair of these censor glasses…


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